BREAKING: Eagles, Saints Agree to Blockbuster Deal Involving 8 Draft Picks

The Philadelphia Eagles have made a trade with the New Orleans Saints.

Philadelphia has traded the 16th pick, 19th pick and 194th pick in this month’s draft to New Orleans in exchange for the 18th overall pick, 101st overall pick, 237th overall pick, a 2023 first round pick and a 2024 second round pick.

The Eagles will now have 4 picks in the top 100 along with the 101st pick in the third round.

The Eagles now hold the following picks in the draft:

  • First Round – No. 15 overall
  • First Round – No. 18 overall (*From New Orleans Trade)
  • Second Round – No. 51 overall
  • Third Round – No. 83 overall
  • Third Round – No. 101 overall (*From New Orleans Trade)
  • Fourth Round – No. 124 overall
  • Fifth Round – No. 154 overall
  • Fifth Round – No. 162 overall
  • Fifth Round – No. 166 overall
  • Seventh Round – No. 237 overall (*From New Orleans Trade)

Rumors had circulated that Eagles V.P. and General Manager, Howie Roseman was looking to acquire a future first round pick in the 2023 NFL draft in the event that Jalen Hurts fails to solidify himself as the team’s franchise quarterback in the 2022-23 season.

This deal puts all the onus on Jalen Hurts, who will have every opportunity to cement himself as the franchise’s quarterback of the future. With this trade, Hurts has been entrenched as the Eagles starter in the 2022-23 season which will essentially be an audition year for Hurts. Hurts is reportedly down in California working with quarterback trainers in an effort to refine his throwing mechanics and skills.

This trade is about solidifying the quarterback position for Philadelphia.

Howie Roseman spoke at the combine on draft capital and allocation in the NFL.

“I think what it allows you to do is allows you to have more shots at really good players, really talented players. Gives you more flexibility to move up and down the draft board. It gives you more ammunition to decide if at some point you wanted to trade a pick for a player, and that’s what we’re looking for.

When you think about the National Football League, it’s all about resource allocation. So, it’s basically every team has the same salary cap number, basically every team has a number of draft picks. If you can get an edge, either by creating cap room or by getting more draft picks, now you have more shots to take.

So, I think that’s what we’re really excited about, is that we have more shots than we have had in the past couple years.”

Philadelphia is now well positioned with two firsts this year, two firsts in next year’s draft, and two seconds in 2024. The flexibility this deal presents is astounding.

Roseman may also not be done adding to the Eagles roster as according to, Philadelphia has over $20 million in cap space and there are several notable names still available on the free agent market

Cover Image Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Author: Pierrot Baptiste Jr.

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