Zay’s Sixers Status Report #1

The NBA season is young and ready to go! If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the Sixers play this week, this is for you. No time for talking, let’s get started!

The Bench Looks Mightily Improved

Over the course of 3 games where the Sixers dealt with massive losses on their end, they had guys step up and take the charge to those particular victories. One of the driving forces of this narrative has been All-NBA candidate and future Hall Of Famer Georges Niang.

What a start Georges Niang has had to this season. Yes, he’s making threes. That’s not it though, as he’s a decent playmaker off the bench and a willing defender!

But let’s not forget his partner in crime, Andre Drummond! Andre is one of the most UNDERRATED players in the league. For every funny lowlight that includes him trying to be Nikola Jokic, he has about 10 incredible plays that I’ve never seen a backup 5 make for the Sixers in years.

Tyrese Maxey is HERE!

Over the course of Tyrese Maxey’s short career, I’ve been one of his biggest fans. I even wrote my first article on him. So believe me when I say, I am loving what I’m seeing.

Not only has he handled the transition to PG well, but he’s been very solid defensively. He’s one of the biggest reasons the Sixers aren’t missing Ben Simmons defensively.

Maxey isn’t just defending well, he’s forcing star players into tough shots. He’s making them work for the bucket every time he steps on the floor and that’s all you can ask for.

Back to the offensive end, Maxey just looks confident. He’s making decisions very quickly and passes that were missed last year are being made this year.

His ability to take contact at the rim has improved as well. We’re seeing Maxey draw fouls at a higher rate than last season.

All in all, Maxey is the best young player the Sixers have had in quite some time.

Joel Embiid is the DPOY.

Joel Embiid has been a monster to deal with for opposing offenses defensively. Whether it’s pick and roll coverage or rim protection, the guy has just been otherworldly.

Highlighted by his crucial play in crunch time against Chicago, a certain man from Cameroon is doing the darn thing right now people!

While he has been incredible defensively, the offense has taken a bit longer to come along. He’s averaging about 21 points and shooting 80% from the line. His free throw numbers are also down, shooting 8.8 attempts per game.

I think, offensively, he’s simply missing shots (obviously). Embiid is shooting 37% from mid-range this year. Whether that has anything to do with the knee, I don’t know. What I do know is that Embiid is getting the same shots he always gets, they just aren’t falling currently.

And with the new NBA rules and ball, a lot of star players have struggled early on this season. De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, Damian Lillard and Michael Porter Jr are just a few of the names. No doubt these players will bounce back, but right now they aren’t playing to their best ability.

Embiid will be fine, eventually guys adjust and get back to their old ways.

Final Words

Overall, the Sixers are playing well! Many players I didn’t mention like Seth Curry and Shake Milton are having great starts to the season as well. They’re a fun team right now and that’s all we can ask for after the hectic offseason they endured.

Author: Isaiah Williams

New writer !

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