Sixers vs. Wizards Game 2 Takeaways

What a fun game to watch if you’re a Philadelphia fan. The Sixers were locked in defensively and did great offensively as well. This game puts you in great position in the series to take care of business on the road now.

1. Ben Simmons is Incredible

Benjamin David Simmons heard y’all man. He saw every tweet, every post, and heard every negative comment. Not only was Ben facilitating and defending well against Bradley Beal when he was matched up on him, he scored 22 points and was the best player on the Sixers tonight. The Wizards pretty much threw the kitchen at Joel Embiid, so the rest of the roster needed to step up. That’s exactly what Ben did yesterday. He took advantage of mismatches and was aggressive early and often. If he plays like this for the rest of the playoffs, I’m not sure anyone is beating Philadelphia.

2. The Bench

Just like Ben Simmons, a lot of the second unit stepped up in game 2. Players like Tyrese Maxey, George Hill, and Dwight Howard really had an impact and allowed all the starters to get some 4th quarter rest. I think we all have to accept that the bench is going to be inconsistent, but today was one of their good days. They sured up some of the problems they had on Sunday in game 1 and you can attest that to coaching from the staff.

3. Bradley Beal is incredible

Yes, I know the Sixers won. I just feel I HAVE to acknowledge Brad Beal’s performance last night. The guy is such a tough shotmaker. Multiple times Philadelphia had great defense and Beal just made the shot anyway. I hope he can get to a good team one day (LOL), he’s so fun to watch.

4. Philly’s Defense

Philadelphia held the Wizards to just 95 points, compared to 118 on Sunday. They never let the Wizards really rely on their fast paced offense enough to compete. They PLAYED like they knew they were better team and they are. On the few occasions they trapped Beal, forcing turnovers or forcing him to pass out to his teammates. No one in Washington was doing anything besides Beal, so that’s solid recognition from Doc and a good adjustment.

5. Please Don’t Throw Objects at Players.

Completely disgusting act from that fan. You may be excited that the team is winning and I have no problem with fans taunting the players to en extent, but you can’t be blatantly disrespectful like that. At the end of the day, Russell Westbrook is a great player and deserves your respect, as all NBA players do. I’m glad that fan got banned for life.

Overall, very good day to be a Sixers fan. See y’all on Saturday!

Author: Isaiah Williams

New writer !

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