Mailbag Monday’s

The dust has settled. Carson Wentz has been traded and it would seem like the Jalen Hurts era is likely coming. However, there’s still a lot of questions surrounding the Eagles. There’s a new regime, unknowns on the roster, and the cap situation. I’m taking a crack at answering a few questions today to make sense of what could happen.

AR @NottsJuventino

“Given what we know the Eagles defense may look like under Jonathan Gannon, are there any cheap free agents with upside than you can see the Eagles targeting once Free Agency kicks off? give 1 at all 3 levels of the defense, DL, LB & Secondary”

This, like the other questions AR has submitted, is such a good yet tough question to answer. It’s hard to say exactly what style the defense will look like under Gannon but my guess is that it looks more like Mike Zimmer’s than Eberflus’.

With that in mind, I think they will look for players with experience in the system first then experience with the coaches. This list is gonna be very Vikings heavy due to Gannon’s experience.

A name that come to mind for defensive back is safety Jayron Kearse, who played for the Vikings from 2014-2017 and crossed paths with Gannon from 2016-2017. He hasn’t played much the past few seasons but that works in the Eagles favor as he’ll be cheap. He knows the system and is a solid athlete with great size at 6’4 216 pounds. At minimum, he’s a backup safety with knowledge which is still something the team needs.

At LB it’s a little tougher, but Todd Davis who just finished one season with the Vikings could be a target seeing as how he worked with LB Coach Nick Rallis last season. He’s played primarily inside or Mike LB which is a need to some extent for the Eagles. His best season he racked up 135 combined tackles for the Broncos which shows ability to be around the ball. The hope would be you can get him to compete for that Mike position and add a veteran to a young core.

For the DL I’m going to continue on the Vikings connection and I think Stephen Weatherly could be a great addition if he’s cost effective. He has experience within the system and with Gannon. He would be a solid rotational piece depending on what happens with Derek Barnett of course with potential to add a little more. Pass rushers are never cheap but if the eagles clear enough space this name may make sense.

Virgil Hawkins @JSoJ_

“Is there any hope of Reagor coming on as a pro, or do we just have another bust on the roster?”

I understand he didn’t show much, but some wide receivers take time to adjust. The good thing is he now has a coach who has gone on record saying he wants to allow his players to do what they do well. I think we could see a heavy dose of screens, short crosses, slants and manufactured touches to get the ball into Reagor’s hands more quickly. This will ease the stress on him and the offense as he is progressing. I definitely think there’s hope especially with this new staff, continuity at receivers coach and a young hungry QB who he has a relationship with.

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