Mailbag (Monday’s)

The Eagles have hired Nick Sirianni as their next head coach and he’s brought aboard Jonathan Gannon and Shane Steichen as his defensive and offensive coordinators. Accordingly, I have a pair of questions pertaining to the team so let’s get right into them.

Who are some draft prospects in the secondary that could fit with what Gannon liked to do in Indy? – AR @nottsjuventino

This is a good question and I think one that a lot of fans are asking right now. Quick background, Gannon comes from learning under Mike Zimmer and Matt Eberflus. Both run even fronts but most importantly run quite a bit of two high structured coverages. From what I can tell Zimmer runs some quarters, Cover 2 with Cover 3 peppered in there, while Eberflus started out heavy cover 2 but eventually using Rip/Liz match as a change up.

What all this means is the corners will have to be a little different than they have been recently. I think there is a good chance we will see tall, long physical corners with great instincts in coverage. 

Some names that I think fit there are Patrick Surtain from Alabam, Jaycee Horn from South Carolina. A few others are Paulson Adebo from Stanford, the two Georgia corners, Erick Stokes and Tyson Campbell and Ifeatu Melinfonwu from Syracuse.

As for safeties, they’re gonna need to be able to cover a deep half and able to rotate down into the box depending on looks. Names that come to mind are Jevon Holland from Oregon, Paris Ford from Pittsburgh, Andre Cisco from Syracuse, and Caden Sterns from Texas.

Just a general, what do you think we can expect offensively under Sirianni, was there anything in particular that excites you about what him & Reich were able to do in Indy? -AR @nottjuventino

This one is a tricky question because if we take Sirianni for his word, he adjusts to his personnel. However, I would expect a fairly similar offense mostly shotgun, inside zone in the running game. He could bring some gap concepts like power & counter to which would benefit Miles Sanders. Passing concepts I expect more mesh/sit and hopefully we’ll get more screens, and quick touches for Jalen Reagor. However, Steichen could be bringing some outside zone concepts, play action and Pistol alignment which I have been advocating for.

As for the second part of your question, I think what intrigues me the most is just his ability to adjust to three different quarterbacks. Seeing how the Eagles situation at that position is tenuous to say the least, it would be beneficial to have someone like that leading the staff. Add in Steichen, who can do something similar in adapting to the QB and the team is prepared for anything. Well, at least that’s the hope.

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