Mailbag Mondays

Finally able to get the first TPB mailbag going.I feel like I got some great questions.

“Who is your favorite candidate for the Eagles head coaching search?” – Anthony DiBona @ByADibona

This is a tough question. I think my answer has shifted with every mention of interest. Some days it’s Joe Brady, some days it’s Kellen Moore, & just recently Josh McDaniels.

At this current moment I do find myself warming up to the idea of McDaniels because of his coaching style. I think he sets expectations high & coaches hard which some of the players need. Will that rub some the wrong way? Maybe, but it’s not a bad thing. On the other hand I think Joe Brady has a lot of potential and could definitely juice up this offense. So I am currently between Brady or McDaniels (I think).

“Who would you want to see on their coaching staff?” – Anthony DiBona @ByADibona

For the coaching staffs I always try to tow the line and figure out who could they potentially have worked with due to prior experience with each other, although it’s not a given. It seems to happen more often than not.

For Brady’s coaching staff, I’m not sure who he could bring that he already has prior experience working with. Maybe Aaron Glenn as his Defensive Coordinator (DC) for an up an coming guy, but Wade Phillips as a veteran coach to help him learn and grow much like what Phillips presumably did for Sean McVay.

If it’s McDaniels I’m making the easy connection of Shane Waldron who is the current Passing Game Coordinator for the Rams, seeing as how they worked together in NE at one point. Waldron has experience in a few different places but has mostly spent learning the “Shannahan system” from McVay. I think that type of system would do our players really well. Another easy connection would be Jerod Mayo for DC as they work together now. However, a more intriguing name to me is Matt House who has prior DC experience at Kentucky using a multiple front defense. House currently coaches LBs for KC and what do you know? He worked with McDaniels in 2011. 

“Should the Eagles draft a Qb at 6 or trust a new coach to work with Hurts or Wentz?”- AR @nottsjuventino

Ahh Notts, you’re killing me. I think while QB seems tempting you roll with one of the two guys already here. I personally think the Eagles should move on from Wentz go forward with Hurts. The new Head Coach would probably have presented a plan for either so I’d feel okay with that. Add more playmakers on the team & roll out.

“Which potential defensive coordinator or defensive HC scheme & playcalling fits the current personnel on the roster best?- AR @nottsjuventino

Another great question, I think it’s easy to see how anyone running an even front would probably be the best fit. So a coach like Kris Richard, who already has experience with a single high 4 down style would be able to come in and not have to move much around. However, the potential size/length preferences might prove problematic as most of the Eagles corners do not meet that threshold at the moment.

If they wanted to get more aggressive they could try to poach an assistant coach from the Buffalo Bills who play a scheme reminiscent to Jim Johnson’s. 

However, I think my favorite option is Matt House who I have already spoken about. House could give a slightly more aggressive and multiple front defense. At Kentucky he fielded a defense that out DBs on the field and created pressure. I think learning under Spagnoulo this year where KC blitzed 35% of the time could bring that to the Eagles.

Thanks for the questions. Please read and follow The Philly Blitz.

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