Instant Reaction: Eagles Lose To Seattle as the Offense Continues To Nosedive

The Philadelphia Eagles have dropped to 3-7-1 after a disheartening 23-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The 3-7-1 record is the team’s worst record through 11 games in 8 years. This was the team’s 3rd straight loss.

In this game, the offense again struggled to get anything going both on the ground and (as usual) through the air. Carson Wentz erratic play and offensive struggles dragged on in defeat. Seattle keyed in on the struggles, continuously crowding the line of scrimmage due to the non-threat of the Eagles passing attack.

This offense may legitimately be the worst offense in the entire league. There is no rhythm, no identity, and it seems, no plan of attack week in and week out. This is especially shocking, considering a few weeks ago, the Eagles got back a multitude of starters which would lead you to believe that things would be more coherent on that end.

Instead, what has occured has been the exact opposite.

Miles Sanders doesn’t see the ball enough. Alshon Jeffery has rendered Travis Fulgham almost futile. Jalen Reagor hasn’t been put in position to succeed with the skillset he possesses. The offensive line has given up countless pressures and sacks. And most surprisingly, Carson Wentz’s play has continued to decline even with the pieces added back into the lineup. It’s a recipe for failure and it’s honestly unacceptable.

Brian Griese had the quote of the night, saying after the game,”Carson Wentz needs to play better. Doug Pederson needs to coach better. The offensive line needs to play better. The front office here in Philadelphia need to get better talent around Carson Wentz.”

Doug Pederson once again refused to lean on the running game, calling just 9 rushes the entire evening compared to 46 passing attempts. The offensive concepts Pederson called once again didn’t do Carson Wentz any favors. There were almost no designed rollouts or quick reads for Wentz to operate with. And Pederson continuously called long developing route concepts behind a less than ideal offensive line, which surrendered 6 sacks in this game. The offense only seemed to move when they went no-huddle.

There is an alarmingly visible disconnect between the types of players the front office sees as a fit and the types of players the coaching staff see as fits. It’s evident in the route concepts called (in which Pederson expects his receivers to consistently win 1 on 1 opportunities, when they’re receivers who are more apt to being schemed open), game planning, and overall offensive structure.

The errors that have engulfed this team are flat out embarrassing and they are seen everywhere in the organization. The issues surrounding not only this offense but the franchise as a whole is the responsibility of each facet of an organization: Management, Coaching, and Players.

Every facet has a role in this organization’s decline and with Jeffrey Lurie reportedly simmering about how this season has played out, if it doesn’t turn around in the last 5 games, the proverbial saying of, “heads will roll” will become a definite reality.

Author: Pierrot Baptiste Jr.

I am the creator of The Philly Blitz and I am committed to delivering innovative and interesting coverage on both the Eagles and Sixers. Contact Information: Twitter - @pierreb3_ Email:

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