A Sprint To The Finish: Game 55

I feel a trend is starting to begin. It is not a good trend by any measure. Our most trusting guys are letting us down. Who would have predicted this? First Zach Wheeler, and now Aaron Nola? How did this happen? Let’s dive in and discuss.

We’re looking at back-to-back clunkers for the offense. It isn’t great. We can’t afford consecutive games when we lay an egg. You can’t score only run against a pitcher like Austin Voth. He had a 7.17 ERA before his game against the Phillies. Having only one run on three hits is embarrassing. The only run you scored was on a Jean Segura homer. With the other hits coming from McCutchen and Realmuto. The stars on this team need to start stepping up, or we’ll never make the playoffs.

Nola did not have a great game. Granted, some of that was the cause of errors in the outfield but still. He’s your ace. You need better in a big game like this. You expect more from him. He allowed three runs on six hits, with two walks and six strikeouts through six innings of work. One can only hope he can clean it up as The Sprint To The Finish rages on!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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