A Sprint To The Finish: Game 48

I’m this close to having a stroke due to this team. What have I done to deserve this? Was I an evil person in a past life? Why must existence be pain? Why must the pen be awful? Let’s dive in and discuss why I can’t have happy things.

If there’s one thing you need, while in a hunt for the playoffs, It’s an offensive scoring barrage. We’ve had back to back games of four or more runs. We’ll need more of this if we are going to get back to the playoffs. We scored four runs on eleven hits. How bout Jean Segura? He went 4-4 with a solo home run. Love him or hate him, he steps up when you least expect him. Same with Adam Haseley! He had himself a game as he was 1-3 with an RBi sacrifice fly. Who would have expected the run he’s gone on?

In the past eight games, he’s averaging .409, with eight RBI’s and two walks. Way to step up, young buck! You also got some offense from Andrew Knapp. He went 1-4, with an RBI double. He’s batting .333 for the season. You also got continued production from Cutch as he went 1-5 with an RBI on a fielder’s choice. He’s had such a great turn around. He’s had more RBI’s this season than he had in 13 more games the season before.

Sure he had that mental mistake while on the base path, thinking there were only two outs, but it happens. Andrew even made fun of It, calling himself J.R. Smith. I love McCutchen, mental errors, and all. Scott Kingery continues his stretch of success. He’s batting .375, with one home run, one RBI, and two walks in his last three games. Keep it coming, Scotty!

You got to hand it to Zach Wheeler. Doing what he did despite the injury is impressive. He continues to impress and amaze whenever he starts. I know many wanted him to finish the eighth inning, but you just couldn’t risk losing him. He’s far too important to this team to let anything happen to him. In 7.1 inning of work, he allowed three runs on seven hits, with two strikeouts. It’s heartbreaking that he wasn’t able to get the win.

Thanks a lot, bullpen! They are just so darn, infuriating! They continue to break your heart. It’s the relationship from hell! They allowed two runs on three hits, with two walks and three strikeouts! One can only hope they can get it together as The Sprint To The Finish rages on!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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