Week One With The Professor !

Welcome back, Eagles fans! I am getting Goosebumps just thinking bout the start of this season! Many thought the season wouldn’t happen, but here we are! Welcome to the classroom, boys, and girls! I’m the professor, and It warms my heart to be back with a lesson plan to educate the masses! So without further ado, let’s get started and begin! Here it is, The Professor’s top ten!

1.It doesn’t matter what you call the fellas in Washington cause they’ll lose regardless. We are 6-0 in our last six meetings against Washington. I don’t imagine that will be changing any time soon. We have the better coach, the better quarterback, and the better general manager. Not to mention the better owner. Daniel Snyder isn’t fit to touch a football, let alone own a team. We’ll do what we always have done against this team, take care of business and move on. 

2.Speaking of quarterbacks, Carson Wentz has been just as much an owner of the team as Dan Snyder has the last three years. He’s 5-0 against Washington since 2017. He’s had a 62.9 completion percentage, fourteen touchdowns, three interceptions, with over 1,460 yards, and a passer rating of 111.1. That’s an average of 2.8 touchdowns, 0.6 interceptions, and 292 yards per game. 

3. I’m not worried bout Dwayne Haskins. He had seven touchdowns and seven interceptions in nine games. He also threw for 1,365 yards to go along with his 58.6 completion percentage. His passer rating was 76.1, which put him outside of the top 32. His head coach was so unimpressed he traded draft picks for his back up in Carolina. If we’re going to lose this game, It’s not going to be due to the play of Dwayne Haskins. 

4.  Desean Jackson is healthy, and that should scare the Washington Football Team. In his career, he has 45 catches for 793 yards and seven touchdowns against Washington. That’s a whopping 17.6 yards per catch. In his last game against them, he was 8-154, with two touchdowns. That’s a 19.3 yards per catch. Desean has something to prove, and I feel bad for who ever is covering him. 

5.Speaking of coverage, RIP to Ronald Darby. The former Super Bowl Champion is now their starting cornerback. With all the track stars the Eagles have on this team, I doubt he’ll be able to keep up. Over the past two years, he’s played 20 games and has allowed nine touchdowns. Quarterbacks have a 62.6 completion percentage when throwing at him. They also have a 101.8 passer rating with him on the field. With Darby having to face guys like Reagor and Desean Jackson, It’s going to be a long night for him!

6.Miles Sanders is out and not playing week one. Now I know everyone wants to worry and panic but pump the breaks. You still have Boston Scott. Last season he had 61 carries for 245 yards and five touchdowns. That’s 4.0 yards per attempt. As a receiver, he had 24 catches for 202 yards. That’s 8.4 yards per catch. He’s a playmaker, and he will allow for some explosive plays. 

7.This defense is hungry, and It’s going to feast on their pitiful Offensive line. Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson are healthy. You have Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry raring to go. Not to mention you have the young studs in Josh Sweat and Hassan Ridgeway. There’s also the possibility of Javon Hargrave’s playing. If this defense can be what I think it can, then It could be scary yet fun to watch. 

8.It’s going to be a nice change of pace to have guys who can cover receivers. You have a top ten corner in Darius Slay. You have a top-five slot corner In Nickell Robey-Coleman. Not to mention a promising young corner in Advonte Maddox, who is a vast improvement over Darby and Douglas. The pair gave up a combined 19 touchdowns and had a 104.5 passer rating. Here’s to a secondary that won’t make me cry

9.If you’re Jim Schwartz, you have to be foaming at the mouth due to this young running back group of Washington’s. Cause if there is one thing a Schwartz defense excels at, It’s stopping the run. In 2019 The Eagles allowed only 89.6 rushing yards per game. With a group that combined for 192 carries for 675 yards and six touchdowns, look for the birds to shut them down. 

10. Jalen Reagor will make his presence felt. Many people were shocked when we selected Reagor in the first round of the 2020 draft. But not me. He has 4.3 speed, can be used in every facet of the game, and had zero red zone drops in his college career. While the numbers may not have been there, the talent sure was.

No receiver had a lower percentage of accurate passes thrown his way. Only 31 percent of his passes were catchable. Other first-round picks such as Justin Jefferson had 69 percent of catchable passes, Jerry Jeudy had 60 percent, Henry Ruggs caught 59 percent, and Brandon Aiyuk had 48 percent. No wide receiver did more with less. That makes him and Wentz a perfect pair since he’s used to working with slop.

Wentz, for his career, has a 63.8 completion percentage and a passer rating of 92.7. Not to mention he was the ninth ranking quarterback in deep-ball passes last year. Throw in Carson’s stellar Red Zone numbers in 2019 with 17 touchdowns and zero interceptions, and this could be a dynamic duo like no over. 

         I have us marching to victory without much issue. I’m Predicting a 24-17 win! GO BIRDS! 

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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