A Sprint To The Finish: Game 40

I think we can all agree that this wasn’t the start we wanted in game one. If you were wondering how disastrous this series could be, you know have your answer. One has to wonder how many games we can even win against this team. As of now, we are 1-3 on the season against the Marlins. How did it spiral out of control? Let’s dive in and discuss!

The offense continues to be the saving grace of this team. Sure the starting pitching is decent, but this is a top-five offense when things are going their way. We were right around our average as we scored six runs on nine hits. It seems like J.T. Realmuto could be getting hot again. In The past two games, he’s 3-6 with two RBI’s and a walk. That’s .500 average during that stretch of games. How bout Adam Haseley?

He’s been struggling since coming off the IL, but he had himself a night. He went 1-3 with two RBI’s. He’s 5-9 with three RBI’s against the Marlins this season. Who knows, maybe he can be our secret weapon? Alec Bohm is getting hot and at just the right time! He went 2-3 with an RBI and a walk. In the past four games, he’s averaging .429, with six RBI’s and a walk. We’ll need all the offense we can muster against the Marlins in this seven games series.

Jake Arietta is going on a run, and I’m completely baffled by it. Who would have thought he’d have two good games back to back? He allowed only three runs on five hits, with four walks and three strikeouts. Sure he had some innings that made you nervous, but he somehow worked out of them! Over the last two games, he has a 1-0 record, allowing only five runs on twelve hits, with five walks and ten strikeouts. He’s also had a 3.55 ERA during these two games. If Jake can keep this up, he could make this rotation that much more dangerous.

The pen sucked. There are no and If’s or buts about it. You can’t afford a game like this, so late in the season! They allowed five runs on six hits, with four walks and three strikeouts through three innings of work. They have allowed 29 runs through ten games of relief. At this point, we can only cross our fingers and pray as The Sprint To The Finish rages on!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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