A Sprint To The Finish: Game 37

It’s not how you start but how you finish! Sure, things might have gone a bit off-script a bit but, we made do! In the end, we got the job done! Winning cures everything, doesn’t It? So let’s dive in and discuss!

After two days of lackluster performances, the offense is back, Jack! They scored eight runs on nine hits to get back on track. Far better than their two runs over the last two games. The dynamic duo might be getting back on track! They’ve gone 5-14, with an RBI and three walks. That’s a combined average of about .357. Loved seeing J.T. knock in his tenth home run of the season! If these guys can get hot, there’s no telling how far this team can go! What a day for Alec Bohm! Down a run, game on the line, and he knocks in an RBI single! It might have been two if not for a poor choice by Andrew Knapp while attempting to score from first base. He’s currently batting .275 and having one hell of a rookie season!

Speaking of great seasons, how bout this great Rhys Hoskins stretch? He went 1-5 with a two-run home run. In his last twenty-six games, he’s averaging .293, with nine home runs, twenty-one RBI’s, fifteen walks, and one stole base. Rhys Lightning is back, and I pray he never leaves. How bout Jean Segura? He went 4-5 with a three-run double and a game-clinching two-run home run. What a day for Jean! One can only hope that this offense is officially back on track!

At this point, I think It’s safe to say that Zach Wheeler has spoiled us. He’s top ten in the least amount of runs allowed by a pitcher. He’s top five in ground ball outs. Wheeler also is averaging 6.0 innings a start for the season. That puts him in the top five for that category. I thought he pitched well, despite giving up those three runs in the sixth inning. I would have sent him out there for the seventh. While I understand Girardi’s mindset for taking him out, we’re on opposite sides for this one. He allowed only three runs on eight hits, with seven strikeouts. I would have thrown him back out there and see If he could have handled another inning. I do understand the reasoning, with all these doubleheaders coming up. Thankfully, that choice didn’t cost us the win. You’ll need more clutch games like this from Wheeler during the playoffs.

The bullpen was a disaster to start but finished strong. Was it merely the bullpens fault the game got out of hand? No, but they were still pretty bad. You had some fielding mistakes by the outfield and Didi, which didn’t help things. In their only inning of work, Jojo Romero and David Phelps allowed four runs on three hits, walked one, and struck out two. The Trio of Tommy Hunter, Brandon Workman, and Hector Neris fared much better. They allowed two hits, one walk, and struck out two batters in three innings of work. It’s not always how you start but how you finish. They finished strong, heading into the doubleheader with Boston. We’ll need all of that and more as The Sprint To The Finish rages on!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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