A Sprint To The Finish: Game 31

There is nothing better than baseball in September! Especially when there’s a playoff race! As of now, the Phillies are in second place in their division, which, thanks to the new rules, would allow them a playoff spot! Get excited! I know I am! So let’s dive in and discuss!

The Phillies offense is the bread and butter of this team. While the bullpen may struggle, this offense does not. We are averaging 5.61 runs per game. We scored six runs on eight hits in another good offensive showing. J.T. Realmuto, who had been going through a struggle, went 1-3, with an RBI single and two walks. Bryce, like J.T., has been struggling as of late. He was 1-2, with a single, and three walks for the evening. You need to get Bryce and J.T. going if you are looking to make the playoffs. Rhys Hoskins had himself another multi-hit game as he went 2-4 and had a walk. He’s batting a crisp .315 over his last 20 games.

You can’t talk bout offense without discussing McClutchen! He went 1-4 with a three-run home run and a walk. Over the last nineteen games, he’s averaging .318, with five home runs, twenty-one RBI’s, five walks, and three stolen bases. Alec Bohm continues to shine as he went 2-4, with his second home run and an RBI double. When all else fails, you can always count on the offense.

Ace Nola season is upon us! He was once again wheeling and dealing! I know some people are complaining bout him not getting a chance to have a complete game. I get it, he gets so close, and then something happens. You can’t throw Nola out there when he’s already at 113 pitches through eight innings. I trust Girardi’s judgment in this instance. Nola went eight innings, allowing only two hits while walking two, and striking out nine batters. When it’s ace Nola season, there’s not much you can do to stop him.

Not much to say for the bullpen this game as they did their job. Not much to complain about when your relief pitchers don’t give up any runs. Hector Neris continued his nice stretch of good pitching as he allowed only two hits and a strikeout in his one inning of work. He’s allowed only four hits while striking out three batters during his last 3.2 innings. You’ll need more of that from Hector, as The Sprint To The Finish rages on!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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