A Sprint To The Finish: Game 29

Does anyone have any good backwash to get the taste of this game out of my mouth? I’m serious! I’ll need some of the good stuff to remove this nasty sensation from the pit of my stomach. The longer the season goes on, the sicker I am of Klentak’s face. Let’s dive in before I feel any worse.

The offense continues to be the calling card of this team. This offense can score five-plus runs on any given night. As of now, we average 5.52 runs per game. We had ten runs on thirteen hits during this depressing outing. Jean Segura gave this team some offensive help as he went 3-5 with an RBI. Didi Gregorius is starting to get hot, as he went 2-5 with three RBI’s and a solo home run. It was nice to see Moose get involved and drive in a run as well. Roman Quinn had himself a monster game, to say the least, going 3-4, including a solo home run.

Can the Hoskins/McCutchen duo be stopped? They combined for 4-9 with two home runs, four RBI’s, and a walk. In his last 18 games, McCutchen is averaging .338, with four home runs, eighteen RBI’s, four walks, and three stolen bases. Hoskins is averaging .304 over the last nineteen games, with five home runs, fourteen RBI’s, twelve walks, and one stolen base. These guys are getting hot at the right time, which is what we’ll need during this stretch of games.

There are few things in life I hate as much as I hate Jake Arietta. He refuses to accept blame, cocky and vastly overpaid. If a player is going to act the way Jake does, said player would have to perform at a much higher level than Arietta has. He couldn’t even finish two innings of work. In 1.1 innings of work, he allowed seven runs on six hits, with three walks and zero strikeouts. I am counting the days till the Arietta era is over.

If you were excited thinking about David Hale’s Philly debut, this was not the game for you. In 1.2 innings, he allowed three runs and three hits. Reggie McClain didn’t fare much better, as he allowed one run on two hits, with one walk, and one strikeout during only a single inning of work. The combination of Romero, Parker, Velasquez, Hembree, and Morgan fared much better. Allowing only one run on four hits, with six walks and seven strikeouts. This bullpen needs to find some consistency if we are going to make the playoffs. One can only hope we can find it as The Sprint To The Finish wages on!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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