A Sprint To The Finish: Game 26

I think it’s safe to say things are improving! It may be slow, but improvement is happening. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. We’ll need to pick up the pace if we are going to make the playoffs. So let’s dive in and discuss!

As explosive of an offense as we have, there will be games like this. You can’t expect to put up five-plus runs every night. It’s nice to have that type of offense, but It’s not something you can bank on. Still, it wasn’t a bad offensive game we still had three runs on twelve hits. Rhys Hoskins is turning it around, and It’s nice to see after his second-half issues in 2019. Throughout his last sixteen games, he’s averaging .286, with Three Home runs, nine RBI’s, eleven walks, and one stolen base. Bryce Harper continues to be the heart of this baseball team. He went 1-4 with a walk and an RBI single. He’s batting .317 for the season, with seven home runs, twenty RBI’s, twenty walks, and four stolen bases.

Alec Bohm’s continuous improvement is a sight to see. He’s currently batting .317, going 1-4 in the game with an RBI. You’ll need more of this kid moving forward. McClutchen is making improvements that warm my heart to see. He went three for five during the game. Over the last fifteen games, he’s averaging .286, has two home runs, fourteen RBI’s, four walks, and three stolen bases. You’ll need more from McClutchen if we make the playoffs.

Nola bounced back compared to his last start, where he gave up four runs in short work. He had control and was able to go the distance. He went seven innings, allowed only two runs on five hits, walked two, and struck out eight batters. So glad to see Ace Nola back!

The bullpen was surprisingly good. It’s been nice to see improvement. Tommy Hunter and Brandon Workman combined for two innings pitched allowed two hits and struck out three batters. Over the last three games, the pen has allowed ten hits, three runs, two walks, and nine strikeouts in 7.8 innings of work. You’ll need a performance like this if you want to make the playoffs. Let’s hope we can get it going as The Sprint To The Finish wages on.

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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