A Sprint To The Finish: Game 19

This game was an embarrassment. How you allowed a team like this to beat you is just depressing. How we allowed an 0-9 baseball to beat up on us is beyond me. Heading into this game, the Red Sox’s starting pitchers ERA was twenty-two. Did we take advantage of such a feat? Not a chance!

The series finale against the Red Sox was the type of game you dream of as a hitter. They were going against a struggling team, not to mention a struggling pitcher. We had three hits on the day against this team, which is unacceptable. We started the game off with bases load and no outs, yet only coming away with two runs. I love J.T. Realmuto, heck I wrote an article about why he needs to be resigned. However, I take offense to his at-bat during the first inning. Bases loaded, and the past two batters are walked and your swinging on the first pitch? Why not take the first pitch? Kyle Hart was all over the place, and they didn’t do a good enough job taking advantage early on. The guy had a 22 ERA, and you only had two hits and two runs through four innings on this guy? Embarrassing!

He walked four batters, and while the umpires strike zone was bonkers, I don’t think we played our smartest game. Yes, I know the sun eventually played a part in that, but that’s no excuse. The only hits you had were from The Goose, Neil Walker, and Andrew McCutchen. Your RBI’s were knocked in by Rhys Hoskins, Phil Gosselin, and Didi Gregorius. It was a disappointing day for the offense, and the defense wasn’t much better.

Jake Arieta has killed all the goodwill he made during his first two starts. When his slider isn’t working, he is pretty much useless. His control was shaky at best, not to mention how his pitches were all over the place. He allowed four runs on five hits while walking four and striking out three batters. There is a bright spot at the end of this tunnel. Jake Arieta has an option we can decline heading into the 2021 season, so get excited.

The bullpen had an up and down start for the first time in 4 games. On the one hand, Connor Brogdon an Adam Morgan allowed only one hit through 2.2 innings. They also only allowed one walk while striking out five batters. Now for the bad. Ramon Rosso allowed two runs on three hits, while walking one, and striking out a batter. It would appear that this was the horse that broke the camels back, as the Phillies have sent Rosso back to the minors. Here’s hoping we can bounce back against the Blue Jays, as The Sprint To The Finish wages on.

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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