A Sprint To The Finish: Game 16

It’s games like this that make me all cheesy and wanna wax poetic. To Quote Ryan Dunn from Summer Catch “I love standing on that mound with a baseball in my hand, staring at a guy holding a club 60 feet away, knowing that he can’t touch me.” Tonight’s game was that in a nutshell. Nola was money through and through and couldn’t be touched. Tonight was the type of game we all needed to see from the Phillies. So let’s dive in and discuss!

Many people were wondering just how good Nola could be this season, and I think we have an answer. 2018 Aaron Nola is back, and boy is he dealing. He allowed three hits, two walks while striking out eight batters through seven innings. Aaron Nola is the first Phillies pitcher, with three consecutive outings with six or more innings, along with three or fewer hits, since 1893. In his last three starts, he’s allowed eight hits, two runs, three walks, and thirty strikeouts. Along with that, he has an ERA of 0.86 during those three starts. I think It’s safe to say that It’s CY young season for Nola.

Forget Pivetta break out season, It’s Rhys Hoskins, break out season! He had had his first multiple-RBI game, going one for three, with an RBI double and a walk. In the past six games, he’s gone seven for twenty-one, walking four times, while hitting four RBI’s. He’s batting 2.86 during the said stretch. It’s nice to see Rhys starting to put it together. Andrew McCutchen is also continuing his production, adding a walk and an RBI to his totals. Bryce Harper also helped the offense going 1-3 with an RBI double and a stolen base. He continues to keeps teams on their heels with his continued bunting attempts. He’s done this while having the best OPS in the majors. In addition to hitting his third home run of the season, Jean Segura also extended his hitting streak to six games. The team as a whole scored six runs on seven hits.

The bullpen for the second game in a row came up clutch. Ramon Rosso pitched two innings while giving up three hits, two runs, while also striking out two batters. Throughout the past two games, the Phillies bullpen has pitched 7.2 innings, while giving up eight hits, three runs, three walks, along with eight strikeouts. I hope the bullpen can continue this pace as The Sprint To The Finish wages on!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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