Phillies Update !

This is the type of update we have been looking for! The Phillies have made a change in the bullpen! Girardi stated in the past he wanted to see 3-4 games of bullpen work before they made a move and it would appear he’s seen enough. It would appear we have DFA’d outfielder Nick Williams and Trevor Kelly. Along with that we sent Nick Pivetta back to the minors.

In 290 games Nick Williams had 210 hits from 826 hits while playing 290 hits games for the Phillies. Along with that he had 31 home runs, 110 RBI’s and had a .254 batting average. Williams for one reason or another could not make it work here in Philadelphia. Whether that was due to play or due to the front office. I do hope he can figure it out for someone else though. Good luck Nick!

Trevor Kelley it would appear is also off to parts unknown. In 4 games he’s pitched 3.1 innings, given up 8 hits, 4 runs, 2 home runs, walked 2 and struck out 5 batters. Along with that he had a 10.80 ERA. Kelley has been a trainwreck in the games he’s appeared in and it would seem his time in Philadelphia is over.

Sorry Jack Fritz but it would appear that Pivetta break out season has come to a end. It was just last year when WIP member Jack Fritz predicted a Nick Pivetta break out season and a possible contender for a cy young award. How the mighty have fallen! Pivetta has been optioned to a alternate training site. In 3 games Pivetta has piched 5.2 innings and give up 10 hits, 10 runs,3 home runs, walked 1, and struck out none. Along with that he sports a 15.88 ERA. While our bullpen is bad it’s already better with Pivetta out of the pen.

The New Guys ! We’ve brough in minor leaguers Connor Brogdon and Blake Parker. Between A-AAA Brogdon has played 98 games while starting 7. He went 14-6 while sporting a respectable 2.50 ERA. Parker while no world beater has to be better than Pivetta and Kelley. In 2019 he went 3-3 and had 10 saves in 60 games pitched. Along with that he gave up 53 hits, 34 runs, 13 home runs, walked 22, and struck out 65 batters. He also had a ERA of 5.01.

All in all I’ll gladly take these two new guys over the pair of Pivetta and Kelley They gave up a combined 18 hits, 14 runs, 5 home runs, walked 3 and struck out 5 batters, The pair also had a average ERA of 13.44. Here’s hoping the new guys can do a little better than their predecessors!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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