A Sprint To The Finish: Game 11

To quote bad news bears coach Morris Buttermaker” I know games like this are like kissing your sister but with the way we’ve been playing its more like kissing your hot step sister”. This quote is disgusting yet true! A game like this one is comprised of the amazing yet disgusting moments of a baseball game so lets dissect !

The Phillies clearly decided since they hadn’t scored more than 2 combined runs in the last 2 games that it was time to make up for it! To say the offense was kicking was a under statement as they scored 13 runs on 14 hits. They hit 5 home runs by Harper, Segura, Realmuto, Quinn, and Didi Gregorious(Grand Slam!). Not to mention we got some more offensive help from Moose Phil Goesselin who went 2-4 and Andrew Knapp who went 1-1(he’s also quietly batting 500)! For the sign J.T. crowd: He now leads the team in home runs with 5 and RBI’s with 12. It was the type of game to have no carries in the world with a offense like this !

I think it’s safe to say Nola the ace is back! In the past 2 games hes pitches a average of 7 innings while giving up a total of 5 hits and 2 runs,1 walk and has struck out 22 batters. He’s been as clutch as you could possibly be. I know people may have been mad at Girardi for not sending him out for the ninth but i’m not. This is a shortened season but he’s your ace. You can’t afford to have him getting hurt with a 12 point lead, doesn’t matter if the pitch count is 89 pitches or 129.

The bullpen is a embarrassment of epic proportions. Nick Pivetta and Trevor Kelly pitched for a combined 0.3 innings while giving up 7 hits, 7 runs and struck out 1 batter. Trevor Kelly in the past 2 games has given up 5 hits, 4 run and has a 10.80 ERA on the season. Nick Pivetta has given up 8 runs, 8 hits and has a 15.88 ERA on the season. To make matters worse the Phillies combined bullpen ERA is 10.66, which is the worse in all of baseball. This team needs help and fast with the pen and it’s not funny. Here’s hoping we can start turning the corner against the Orioles as The Sprint To The Finish wages on !

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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