Main Takeaways from Carson Wentz’s presser

Carson Wentz met with the media on a conference call Monday afternoon and spoke on a number of topics, Mainly the Jalen Hurts selection and the talent added at the wide receiver position this offseason.

Specifically on the Hurts pick: Wentz talked about how important the QB position is and how important the dynamic is in the QB room and that he’s excited to create a healthy and competitive setting to the room, and that his perception of the Eagles’ view on him, long term is not affected and how there’s no concern on his end and that the team has shown their investment into him and that the Hurts pick was solely about strengthening the room and the team itself. He also added that if he were to start questioning Howie, he’d be “questioning himself”.

On sharing snaps with Hurts: “We’ll see how that all plays out, whatever’s gonna help us win and all he wants to whatever that’s gonna look like, I’m on board…I’m a competitor, I want to be out there and I want to have the ball in my hands, but at the same time whatever’s gonna help us win, I’m confident that the coaches are gonna put us in the best situation.”

On drafting Hurts over a weapon that could’ve helped and are there enough weapons around him: “I trust their decisions, I trust Howie to make the best decisions for the team, Confidence in their ability to put the best 53 man roster.” Wentz also spoke on the Jalen Reagor selection in the first round, who he says he is excited to play with and adds that he’s an explosive playmaker and adds, on Marquise (Goodwin),that he’s impressed and that he’s watched him on film for a couple of years.

On Seattle playoff game and the concussion: Wentz said, “It’s frustrating” , but that he’s proud of the team and how they rallied, also said that there are a lot of positives to learn from, “but it (the injury) is a bummer”, but it makes him hungrier to get back out there, and added that the concussion was scary and that he felt bad he wasn’t able to help the team.

Wentz on a sort of chip on his shoulder: Wentz said, “Everyone’s wired differently”, but this type of stuff, doesn’t matter to him and for him he’s as motivated as ever whenever he steps on the field and this (the Hurts selection) doesn’t change his perspective. “It doesn’t matter who’s in the room with me. I’m the most motivated person in that room. I believe that.”

The main thing that stood out to me from Wentz’s comments was how much of a competitor he is. With all the things he’s gone through and he still manages to maintain and have the same goal of winning a Lombardi trophy and not being sidetracked or paying attention to the outside noise. Wentz excels at keeping the main thing the main thing, no matter what goes on or what anyone says. Even looking at the Hurts pick, like Wentz said, “Whatever helps the team win”, is what his main thing is, no matter how it happens, how it looks or what it takes. The amount of mental resilience that Wentz has is unmatched in my opinion.

The confidence that Wentz has in the front office is warranted, first, due to as he and Howie Roseman have said, the investment made into Wentz. Carson Wentz is paid as a top 10 QB in the NFL, however it is clear that Wentz’s injuries are something that have to be monitored and I don’t think the decision to draft Hurts shows a lack of faith into Wentz but it shows, the team is aware of reality. As is Wentz, in his comments about him knowing how important the QB room is and adding that competition. He even made it a point to mention the talent at receiver they’ve acquired shows what they’ve done to help. He specifically mentioned Marquise Goodwin, Jalen Reagor and the little bit of what we saw with him and DeSean Jackson for one game last year. These three wideouts have one thing in common: speed. Speed that maximizes Wentz’s skillset and will ultimately help him to expand his game and the offense as a whole. Wentz also talked about the versatility in the wide receiver, in that they have guys who can do multiple things, such as a big bodied type such as JJ Arcega-Whiteside. The Eagles have done their share to provide Carson Wentz with help and he knows it and understands the dynamic of not only competition in the QB room but the full on importance of having talent in that room, even behind him.

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Author: Pierrot Baptiste Jr.

I am the creator of The Philly Blitz and I am committed to delivering innovative and interesting coverage on both the Eagles and Sixers. Contact Information: Twitter - @pierreb3_ Email:

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