Eagles/Browns Week 11 Preview

Last week was a bummer for the Eagles, choking away against the New York Giants. If the Eagles are looking to rebound they’re going to have a tough time doing so with the gauntlet they face starting this week.

Browns Overview

The Browns are an interesting team. They’re a 6-3 football team that started off 4-1 with a 4 game stretch going 4-0 and scoring 34.5PPG. A team seemingly hitting their stride and becoming that potent offense we always knew they could be with all of those weapons they have. However since then they have been a different team. Since starting 1-4 they have gone 2-2 scoring only 14PPG in that span. On the season they are 23rd in YPG and 18th in PPG on offense. And 15th in YPG, 20th in PPG on defense. They are an inconsistent offense that is predicated on getting their dominant running game going. As far as injuries go, it appears that the Browns will be without star pass rusher Myles Garrett due to COVID-19. Wyatt Teller and Mack Wilson are also questionable.

Eagles Overview

The Eagles are a team lit on fire, heading into this matchup with tons of momentum in their favor due to their dominant play. *Joking* In reality the Eagles are looking more and more like a bottom 5 team. They’ve struggled against every team they’ve faced. They choked week 1 against the Washington no names, they tied with the 0-2 Bengals, and now for the first time in ages they have lost to the lowly Giants. It’s hard to take this team seriously no matter how bad the opposing team is. And the statistics match the film in this case. On the season they’re 27th in YPG, and 24th in PPG on offense. Surprisingly they’re 11th in YPG and 16th in PPG on defense. Although I must add that the defense does not perform like a top 15 unit. On the injury front the eagles are…. sort of healthy? They get OG Isaac Seumalo back from injury, and other players that have dealt with injuries earlier in the season appear to be on the right track to getting back to full strength. Although they have had a few players/coaches test positive for COVID. JJAW, John Hightower, Aaron Morehead, and Press Taylor have all been effected by this in some way (either directly testing positive, or having close contact with someone who has). Their game status is unlikely.

Head To Head

Unfortunately I think the Browns have the upper hand here. The Browns will be at home, they have Nick Chubb back from injury, and the eagles defense is the perfect opportunity for the Browns to get back to their prior offensive success. And defensively…. lets be real the offense will never have the upper hand against any defense. Every week there’s a new problem. Whether it be the HC, the QB, the OL, or whatever. They just don’t mesh for whatever reason. And ofcourse I did mention the browns 2-2 slide over the last 4 games, and that gives me more hope that the Eagles can beat the Browns over a team like the Seahawks or Saints. But I still don’t like their chances in this matchup.

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