Week 3 With The Professor

It’s an understatement to say this season has not gone the way we expected it too. I doubt any of us thought we’d be starting the season 0-2. Yet somehow some way here we are. We can only go up from here, right? Let’s get back to the classroom and get started on this week’s lesson as The Professor’s Top Ten begins!

1.The Bengals own us. We, for whatever reason, can’t seem to beat these guys. They have the edge to start this game before It has even begun. They lead the series 9-3-1. We haven’t had a victory against the Bengals since 2000. Here’s hoping they can change things. 

2.Both teams are 0-2. Both teams are struggling. Both teams are in desperate need of a win. Whatever team can make the least amount of mistakes will pull this one out. For the Eagles, that means stop turning the ball over. 

3.The Eagles need to stop turning the ball over. If there was something that worries you through two games, it should be that. You’ll never win the game if you keep giving the ball to the other team. So far, we’ve turned the ball over six times through two games. We need to clean that up.

4.Jalen Hurts could be a weapon for this team. He keeps defenses honest. You have to prepare for him on offense. It doesn’t matter if he does anything or not. Having him out there as a decoy could add a sense of intrigue to the struggling offense. 

5.Jalen Reagor being out is bad news. The Eagle’s first-round pick was starting to get it going. He’s ranked within the top five for all rookie wide outs. In two games, he’s caught five passes for ninety-six yards. That’s a 19.2 yards per catch. Hurry back, Reagor! 

6.It’s time for JJ Arcega Whiteside to show us what kind of player he truly is. He has yet to live up to the type of player we expected him to be. With Reagor out, you need him to step up. Who knows, perhaps he’ll become DJ Chark.

7. The Eagles have a good history against rookie quarterbacks. They are 6-0 in their last six games against rookies. The last time we lost to one was against Dak Prescott in 2016. Here’s hoping we can make it 7-0. 

8. Joe Burrow can’t throw it downfield. It bold wonders for the Eagles. He’s 1-12 for 33 yards and a touchdown. He has a deep ball completion percentage of just 12.4 percent. If you want to win against this team, force the young QB to air it out. 

9.Darius Slay has been the one plus in these last two games. He’s allowed on 56 yards, with a 50 percent completion rate, and QB’s have a 63.2 passer rating when targeting him. If you had doubts bout Slay, put those to bed. He’s as good, if not better than advertised. 

10. Do you want to win this football game? Get to the QB. Knock this kid on his behind. We have to get this kid rattled. I need this kid smacked around so much he swears Casper is bullying him. Let’s get to It!

Eagles win 21-17!

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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