A Sprint To The Finish: Game 21

I know sooner or later, this team will be the death of me. I’m just not sure how much more of this I can take. All of this up and down, back and forth action is killing me. How is a person’s heart supposed to take this? I guess we have to discuss this saddening piece of events, don’t we? Let’s dive in!

Let’s look at the good! McCutchen just can’t be stopped! He went 2-4 as his streak continues! Over the last twelve games, he’s gone 14-44 with twelve RBI’s, and three walks. Not to mention he’s batting .318 during that stretch. He had 3 RBI’s during the second part of the doubleheader. Didi Gregorius did well going 2-4 with an RBI. Alec Bohm went 2-3, knocking in a run, while also being walked. One thing Bohm does need improvement on is his fielding. He had three fielding errors in one game. If he’s going to be at third base every day, he needs to be a better fielder. J.T. Realmuto had an RBI during his lone plate appearance. Neil Walker and Andrew Knapp also drove in a pair of runs during the game. Knapp is batting .471 while driving in five runs during his limited game-play.

Vince Velasquez should not be one of your starters, and it shows. They have tried everything possible with Vince. Whether it be as a starter or as a bullpen guy, he just can’t consistently put it together. In five innings of work, he allowed four runs on five hits. Along with that, he walked a pair of batters, while striking out seven. He needs to be apart of any trade package you can get for bullpen help.

The bullpen as if on cue self-destructs, giving up any of the progress they had made. The combo of Brogdon, Neris, and McClain stunk up the joint. They allowed five runs on three hits while walking three and striking out a single batter. Things can only improve, I hope, as The Sprint To The Finish wages on.

Author: peteyoungjr

Life long Philly sports fan.

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